Scorpion Tribunus II 12-130A ESC SBEC (2022 edition)

Mikado USASKU: II_12_130_2022

Sale price$585.58CAD


Product Description

The Tribunus II 12-130A has proven to be one of our most versatile and capable ESCs. Bridging the gap between medium to large size HV models it is a perfect mix of lightweight and economic, yet very capable. When looking at ways to improve this product from previous versions, the list of possibilities was very short, it was nearly perfect before. However, we have improved the PCB components and tuned the firmware to make the capacity measurement even more precise. Then we have added a 30mm cooling fan (which connects easily to your RX / Gyro system) and improved the case design to help direct the generated air towards the heat sensitive components. Cooler temperature increase the life span, and lower the chance of failures in the long run! 

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