1ST-RC 700 - Agility/Precise Main Blades

The new 1st-RC Main blades are the pinnacle of the remote control helicopter blades, we offered two versions for the most

700A - Agility For maximum agility with the best possible overall performance. It's especially good for pilots who prefer high rotation rates! and the Crispy 3D maneuvers. 

700P-W 700P - Precision Maximum precision in all flight situations. Design for those sicking the high speed and aerobatic flying styles!

Both variants have been taken to the limits of what is possible to achieve previously unattainable flight characteristics.

1st Blades

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For example, Blades, Booms and Control Rods  

soXos 6.1 Kit and Combo Available

soXos 6.1 Helicopters are available in Kit or Combo in all the colours:

Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, White, Blue and Pink

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