SoXos Strike 7 Parts

SoXos Strike 7 Parts

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Showing 1 - 24 of 91 products
soXos Tail Upgrade 13T/8mm
Heli-Professional Ball Link Plier
soXos Torque Tube
SOXOS Motor Pinion 18T (6mm)
SOXOS Motor Pinion 17T (6mm)
SOXOS Motor Pinion 16T (6mm)
SOXOS Tail Rotor Hub
SOXOS Spindle Shaft (2pcs)
SOXOS Linkage Rod Swashplate
SOXOS Tail Brace Tube
soXos Tail Boom
SOXOS Linkage Ball M3x7
soXos Autorotation Hub
SOXOS Main Shaft
soXos Side Plate Carbon Strike7
7013 SOXOS Head Linkage Rods
soXos Landing Skid White
soXos Alu Main Rotor Holder Arm
soXos Drive Gear 54T
soXos Tail Rotor Shaft
Skid Rubber Black
SOXOS Tail Pitch Control Arms
SOXOS Skid Rubber Neon Blue

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