We are a small hobby shop that opened in November 2016. We bought out the Heli Farm from Rycroft, Alberta.  We are located in a small Northern Alberta town, where the main industry is the oilfield. 

I have been involved with the RC hobby for over thirty years. As a kid I drove cars and flew planes. In my twenties I bought an miniature aircraft X-cell 60 helicopter.  Many, many years of trial and error, a lot of hovering and many crashes and here I am. RC Helicopters are my passion, I love to build a kit as much as I love the challenge of flying. 

Thanks very much for having a look and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  We have a pretty extensive network of hobby suppliers so if you are looking for something that isn't on the site let me know and I will try to locate it for you.



Paul Marinus



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