Nitroxy5 - N625 Tail Boom

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Lynx - Oxy offer spare bag for Nitroxy 5 Heli Kit.


1 x Nitroxy5 - N625 Tail Boom

Note: OXY5 Nitro Series Tail Boom - Maximum Main Blade 625mm

Use with:

 OSP-1374 OXY5 - E/N625 Tail Belt
OSP-1461 Nitroxy5 - N625 Tail Push Rod

In order to simplify OXY5 variety of Tail Boom Length Option, starting from 07-2020 new labeling information was add on the description of each Tail parts.




Tail Booms, Tail Belt, Tail Push Rod have now some new information:




E = Electric OXY5


N = Nitro OXY5


575 and 625 = Maximum Main Blade Usable in mm

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