KST Lynx DS213X - 760us Micro Tail Servo, 1Pc

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Lynx Heli Innovations in cooperation with KST Servo, offer now Original KST Servo Lynx Branded.

The new KST DS213X is specifically designed for Oxy 3 and Oxy 4 Tail need.

Incredibly fast and precise, with 760us Pulse and 560Hz Frequency is the perfect Micro Tail Servo for your Oxy 3 and 4.

We pack DS 213X Lynx servos with two of OXY 3 / 4 Servo arms, in order to help your Oxy Heli Build.


DS 213X Servo Specification:

- Operating Voltage: 6.5 - 7.4V
- Dimension: 22.90 * 12.27 * 24.50mm
- Torque:      3.00kg/cm - 6.5V
                   3.60kg/cm - 7.4V   
- Speed:   0.06sec / 60° - 6.5V
               0.04sec / 60° - 7.4V

- Motor: 12mm Coreless
- Working Frequence: 760us / 560Hz
- Weight: 21g
- Ball Bearing: 2BB
- Originally Made in China by KST

DS213X Servo MUST is 760us Pulse Servo with 560 Hz Frequncy, wrong FBL Set Up can domage the servo.
FBL Tail Servo Pulse and if request Frequency MUST set corectly before connect the Servo.


1 X KST Lynx DS213X - 760us Tail Servo

2 x Oxy 3/4 Servo Arm

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