KST BLS905X Tail Servo Full size


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The KST BLS905X is a top class heli tail servo for 3D aerobatics. The BLS 905X HV is absolutely robust due to the aluminum housing and the full metal gear.

The KST Bls905X offers the following advantages over the BLS805X.

The BLS905X is a class above the BLS805X thanks to the stronger brushless motor and more powerful electronics in conjunction with higher quality ball bearings.

The high positioning speed in connection with the offered performance, the KST BLS905x HV is very well suited for advanced 3D helicopter pilots.

For extremely hard 3D flying we recommend using the   KST x20-1035  .

Optimally applicable for helicopters of the 600 to 700 class.

Please note the servo specification of the model manufacturer when selecting the servos.

Technical data: KST BLS905X 

Operating voltage: DC 6.0V-8.4V

Dimensions: 40.50 * 20 * 37mm


8 Kg.cm at 8.4V
7 Kg.cm at 7.4V
6 Kg.cm at 6.0V 

Positioning speed:

0.035 sec / 60 ° at 8.4V
0.040 sec / 60 ° at 7.4V
0.045 sec / 60 ° at 6.0V   

Weight: 72g

Pulse time: 760us / 560Hz

Ball bearings: 2 pieces

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