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ISDT has done it again: despite being barely bigger than the popular Q6 charger, the all-new Q8 is capable of a full 500W output - a massive increase from the 300W of the Q6.

With more and more pilots moving to 6S packs, the Q8 will be a welcome upgrade - capable of 20A charge even on 6S, it could easily charge a dozen 6S 1550mAh packs in an hour. And if you've got a pack you need to dispose of, the new "Destroy" mode makes it easier than ever to safely kill an old battery.

The all-new IPS screen and touch interface is the icing on the cake, making the Q8 the easiest to use ISDT charger yet.

Maximum Charge Power 500W
Charge Current Range 0.1-20A
Discharge Current Range 0.1-1.5A
Input Voltage 10-34V DC
Input Current 20A
Maximum Discharge 15W
Current Drain For Balancing 1.5A
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe 1-8S (1-7S LiHV)
NiCd/NiMh Cell Count 1-16S
Pb Battery Cell Count 1-12S
PC Connectivity Micro USB
Dimensions 80x80x33mm
Weight 170g


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