FT Sportster Speed Build Kit

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Our hope is that the FT Sportster will be fun for both the beginner looking to get into four channel flight, and also the advanced looking to reenact all the classic barnstormer maneuvers from the past. This plane does not like to fly alone. Our hope is that this will be a design that friends build and fly together. 

The FT Sportster is designed to fly off a 425 size motor. Our C motor coupled with a 2200 3 cell battery gives great performance and a nice flight time. The outer wing tips of the FT sportster are under campared so slow speed and stability are not compromised. This plane is able to turn on a dime and can handle many classic and advanced maneuvers. Remove the landing gear for an easy hand launch or find some smooth grass and do lazy touch and goes. 



  • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: .95 lbs (430 g) 
  • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2.5” (63 mm) from leading edge of wing 
  • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 12?? – 16?? deflection – Expo 30% 
  • WINGSPAN: 39 inches (990 mm) 
  • RECOMMENDED MOTOR: Park 425, 1000 kv minimum 
  • RECOMMENDED PROP: 10 x 4.7 slow fly 
  • RECOMMENDED ESC: 30 amp minimum 
  • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 2200 mAH 3s minimum 
  • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (4) 9 gram servos 
  • Note: Poster Board Is Not Water-Resistant

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