5492 Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor, LOGO 200

Mikado USASKU: 5492

Sale price$98.54CAD


Current/Voltage/Capacitysensor for VBar Control 

Hardware Features of the Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor for flight packs

  • Plug & play version with XT30 connectors and sensor wire, perfect fit for LOGO 200
  • No influence from motor or current carrying wires 
  • Sensor wire attached 

   Software Features 

  • Direct displaying from voltage and capacity 
  • Max. current and min. voltage storage 
  • Logfile data from the flight 
  • Battery Logbook with names 
  • Adjustable capacity, residual capacity and voltage for each battery 
  • Residual capacity is shown as bar in the radio display 
  • Overdischarge Warning 
  • Warning at use of not fully charged batteries 
  • Loud speaker announcement for reducing battery capacity 


  • Requires a VBar with Spektrum Satellite connectors (telemetry bus for VBar Control)
  • extracted capacities are not added up, measurement only on a per-flight basis

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