LOGO 700 - Turnbuckle Pitch Rod Set

Sale price$9.13CAD


Lynx Heli Innovations offer Logo 700 Pitch CNC Turnbuckle Rod Set.



- Direct replacement for Standard Logo 700 Pitch Rod Set.

- CNC SST Turnbuckle Rods, Fast and Precise Rods Adjustment.

- Lightweight Design, weighting as STD Rods

- Special 3.25mm Square Shape, Easy Pliers Grip or using dedicated Lynx CNC 3.25 Rod Key.



- CNC Single Piece Stainless Steel 310 - M3 Threaded Terminals (One Side CW / One Side CCW)



1 Set - Logo 700 Turnbuckle Swashplate to Pitch Arm Rods.

To complete this parts assembly, need Standard Logo 700 Plastic Linkages.

TIPS: Always use new Plastic Linkage. To assure easy turnbuckle rotations, we suggest to assembly and disassembly Plastic Linkage and repeat 2 or 3 times, this operation will assure smooth and easy rods rotation adjustment.

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