I don't do autorotations

I'm a electric flier ! I'll never need to autorotate, actually I've always been scared to death to perform this maneuver.  Nitro guys and gals need this skill, engine problems, governor issues, a whole list of things that can  make gravity work against your heli.

My story begins at a recent fun fly.  I watched two electric helis have a dirt nap due to mechanical tail problems. So as I am preparing to fly my new Synergy 766, I start thinking this machine is fairly big, what happens if I have tail problems. 

Recruit a Expert !

Luckily at the fun fly, we had a nitro pilot that loves to perform autorotations. 

So at the end of the first flying day, when everyone sits around and talks about the days events, we start discussing how to autorotate with the resident (only)expert.  A plan was made.........several plans were made!


Fast forward to the next flying day. Practicing said "skill", with my Logo 690, its not as new as the Synergy lol  I've found that this particular skill makes my hands shake, my knees shake, heck everything was shaking. If I was flying an old school radio with the large antenna, I'm sure it would have broke off due to vibrations.



First "Auto " in the books. Okay it totally missed the intended landing location, but it came down in one piece, and was still flight worthy. Subsequent attempts saw flaring too soon, too late, not enough pitch.... way too much pitch, and more landings in wrong locations.  This is addicting stuff lol.


Gravity always Works 

Yup I crashed.........with my Synergy E5s.  In hindsight probably should've kept flying and practicing with the Logo.  Flared too early and my heli fell from the sky.  Blades,tail fin, tail blades and some more character on the canopy, that's all the damaged it suffered. Gotta love Synergy stuff. 

Final Thoughts

Okay all electron flying pilots, everyone must learn this highly addictive and fun maneuver!!!! Get some local help, go fly, and go start practicing autorotations.  The added benefit is you'll probably get to visit your local hobby a little more often.........for parts. The Heli Hangar and Hobby ....shameless plug 


Happy Flying 


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