11762 TENGU 4530HS / 550KV (12-14S) (6 X 35mm)

Sale price$437.99CAD


Hand-wound EGODRIFT Tengu 4530HS/550kV brushless motor for 700-800mm class helicopters, such as the XLPower Specter & Protos, SAB Goblin 700-770, Quest Impaction, Align T-Rex 700-800, Mikado Logo 700, or Gaui 700.

Our 4530HS series was developed to bring you the perfect balance of power and flight time and is setting new standards with its ultra-low operating temperature. This motor is the best choice for most pilots and setups in the 700 class, offering flight time gains of around 20% (on average) versus competing motor options.

Please select the correct external shaft length below:
35mm fits XLPower, SAB Goblin and SoXos models.
55mm fits Align, Mikado and Gaui models.

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