11686 TENGU 4530HS / 510KV (12-14S) (6 X 35mm)

Sale price$447.99CAD


Hand-wound EGODRIFT Tengu 4530HS/510kV brushless motor for 700-800mm class helicopters, such as the XLPower Specter & Protos, SAB Goblin 700-770 models, Align T-Rex 700-800, Mikado Logo 700, Gaui 700 or Quest Impaction,

Our 4530HS series was developed to bring you the perfect balance of power and flight time and is setting new standards with its ultra-low operating temperature. This motor is the best choice for most pilots and setups in the 700 class, offering flight time gains of around 20% (on average) versus competing motor options.

Please select the correct external shaft length below:
35mm fits XLPower, SAB Goblin and SoXos models.
55mm fits Align, Mikado and Gaui models.

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