RG613BX JR 6 Channel

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The worlds most advanced 6-channel receiver just got even more advanced!

The RG613BX utilizes JRs robust DMSS modulation system that combines attribute from both DSSS and FHSS modulation into a wide-band transmission system with high-speed response and high resistance to RF noise. Also unique to DMSS is JRs Intelligent Output System (IOS), which automatically selects control signals that need to be transmitted simultaneously and delivers the data as one complete signal frame. IOS ensures there is no time delay when commanding servos used for critical functions such as a CCPM swashplate on a helicopter or with an aircraft with multiple servos ganged on a single control surface. This gives a stronger connection in flight and can reduce wear on components, keeping your model flying better, longer.

The new RG613BX-B Extended 7-12 channel receiver is based on the previous RG613BX, but is intended to extend channels from the standard 6 up to 12, while offering a redundancy system at the same time!

Simply bind a standard RG613BX receiver AND the new RG613BX-B receiver to your model, activate XBus in mode A in your system and have up to 12 channel access total via XBus, with dual receiver redundancy, all without the expense and complexity of additional hubs and servo harnesses.

The RG613BX-B 7-12 Extended channel receiver is designed for use ONLY with an additional RG613BX as it does not offer telemetry due to its role as a secondary, redundant, channel expanding receiver.

So, if you are looking for a light weight, simple solution to expand your channel availability, while adding redundancy, the RG613BX-B 7-12 Extended Channel DMSS receiver is an excellent choice!

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