Goblin Raw 500


Sale price$908.99CAD


This new RAW series machine packs a punch with features that cater to both sport flyers and hardcore 3D pilots. Incredibly versatile, the Raw 500 strikes the perfect balance of size and performance while maintaining the beautiful esthetics of the RAW heli series.

Innovative Features for Easy Flying

  • Quick release battery tray with integrated connectors for seamless battery swaps.
  • Zytel HTN resin blade grip arms (sacrificial) to minimise damage in crashes and allows you to get back in the air faster.
  • No need to remove the canopy to replace batteries, maximizing precious flying time.
  • Designed for maximum fun: the main ratio of 1:5/6 and tail ratio of 4:1 guarantees precise control and exceptional stability, making the Raw 500 an absolute joy toHel fly.


  • RTF weight without battery 1824g.
  • Main rotor diameter 1180mm (with 500mm blades).
  • Length of the tail blades 80mm.
  • Mini size cyclic servos (35mm).
  • Mini tail servo (35mm).
  • Maximum dimensions of the battery 48x48x150mm.
  • Recommended battery 6S 3300/3700 mAh.
  • Recommended battery weight 550-600g.
  • Recommended ESC 6S-120A.
  • Motor size 4020 (800-900KV).

Whether you're a sport flyer looking for excitement or a 3D pilot seeking to push your limits, the Raw 500 is the perfect way to achieve those dream flights.

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