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This Buzzer XT is specifically designed for Western Robotics’ Centurion, Spectrum LiPo Battery Monitors and the Hercules Linear Battery Eliminator Circuit products.  The Buzzer XT compliments the Centurion Remote Glow Driver, Spectrum LiPo Battery Monitor and Hercules Linear by providing a high decibel audible warning to the model operator when the unit reports it’s low battery strength level at the red or yellow visual warnings.  Please refer to the specific product user manual guides on specific details on the audible feedbacks it can provide.






- High decibel buzzer for audible low battery indicator

- Sound output of 85 dBA

- Resonant frequency of 2.4kHz

- Small and compact size

- Easy installation on a flat surface



Height - 7.2mm

Width - 14mm x 16mm

Weight - 5 grams