Heli Professional SOXOS 600 V2 Kit

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Finger on the sticks, an awesome sound of blade slap in the air, a big grin on your face and extra shifts for your LiPos."

Each pilot has his own preferences when it comes to the decision which model in his hangar will get the most air time.

The SOXOS enters the race for this trophy with ingenious technology and providing lot of fun
when flying!

Your SOXOS 600

  • Lightweight trainer with 6SSetup
  • Powerful competition modelwith 12S Setup
  • Maximum rigidity
  • Minimal take-off weight

Technology highlights


CNC milled from solid aluminium.
Highly torsion resistant. Sexy.

It not only looks good but makes sure all components are in perfect alignement.



Multi stage.
Low noise.
Full helical and spiral gear.

Long life fiber-reinforced special plastic for an optimal
power transmission.

Several metal pinions available for 6mm and 8mm shafts.

A thrust bearing eliminates the axial force generated in a helical gear to extend motor's lifetime.


Unique fully damped tail rotor housing.

Massive reduction of transmitted vibrations and still a crisp
tail response.

In short: it will make your FBL system very happy  :)

Servo horns

The well thought out servo horns can be adjusted independent of the servo spline. The SOXOS servo horns can be clamped on the servo axis that you mount on the servo spline as you would do with a standard horn.

This makes leveling the swashplate very easy - in the most accurate way.




There is enough space in the cabinet to hold the receiver battery, receiver and flybarless system. This will give you a very clean installation at the end.

An extra platform on the aluminium frame can hold the gyro sensor (or a full FBL).


Plenty of space for even the largest battery packs.

The choice is yours: up to a 14S heavy duty setup or two parallel connected 6S LiPos for long flight time.

slider allows quick battery swaps.

Tail linkage

The simple and effective torque tube transmits the servo's rotary motion right to the tail pitch slider without any unnecessary deflection.

This will give you an incredibly precise tail response.



Gear ratio  (Pinions are available for 6mm and 8mm motor shafts)

15 Teeth: 10.06
16 Teeth:   9.43
17 Teeth:   8.87
18 Teeth:   8.38
19 Teeth:   7.94

Download RPM/Pinion calculator

 Motor pinion is not included in the kit!

Recommended components
 (not included)

Main blades: 600mm to 630mm
Tail blades: 95mm
ESC: 6S; 100A / 12S; 80A
Motor: 600 / 700 class
Swashplate servos: min. 8kg/cm
Tail servo: min. 5kg/cm

Technical description


Height: 330mm
Weight (without components & blades): ca. 1’750g
Main rotor diameter: ca. 1’350mm
Gear ratio main rotor / motor: 1:7.94 to 1:10.06
Gear ratio main rotor / tail rotor: 1:4.8
Main shaft: 10mm
Spindle shaft: 8mm

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