EOX 1911 - 3600 KV MOTOR

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EOX-1911 developed by Lynx, this motors is the ultimate OXY 2  motor upgrade.

Featuring a parallel 0.6mm diameter wiring coil, manually assembly for the best efficiency, power and cool running.

High temperature rating Neodymium magnet and high quality material and component graduate EOX motor by Lynx a Limit Edition.


The EOX-1911 is the biggest motor that can fit on OXY 2, designed specifically for the OXY 2 with 3600KV and three Radial Bearing that support the shaft, can also fit into T-Rex 250.

Designed in order to provide the maximum power with 3S and 4S battery pack.


EOX-1911 - 3600 KV and OXY 2 ... be ready for the ultimate fun!




Motor Kv

3600 KV

Max Lipo Cell

3S - 4S

Max Continuous Current


Max Continuous Power

470 W

Stator Diameter

19 mm

Stator Length


No. of Stator Arms


No. Magnet Poles


Parallel Wire Diam.

0.6 mm


39.6 g

Outside Diameter

25.5 mm

Body Length

20.5 mm

Shaft Diameter and Support

Inner 3mm / Pinion 2.5 mm (Triple Bearing)

Suggested ESC 

25 - 30 A

Motor Timing

5 deg

Drive Frequency

8 kHz



1 x EOX 1911 Motor with preinstalled  2 mm Connector Plug

2 x Hex Cup Screw M 2.5 x 5

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