Platinum Pro 150A v5 (3S-8S)- New

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Platinum Pro 150A v5 (3S-8S) - New

The two-windows open structure helps to further enhance the cooling efficiency on the ESC; 

The Platinum 150A ESC is equipped with a high-power switch regulated BEC, with a continuous output current of 10A, an instantaneous current of up to 30A. The BEC module and other circuits are independent;

Equipped with the synchronous rectifier drive efficiency optimization technology (DEO---Driving Efficiency Optimization), the throttle response is more linear, drives more efficiently and is temperature efficient; 

There are 4 flight modes: Fixed-wing mode/helicopter external speed-setting mode/helicopter elf-speed mode/helicopter storage fixed-speed mode; 

The helicopter mode has a slow-start function; t Equipped with the helicopter speed-control function, the speed sensitivity is adjustable and easy to operate. In the case of rapid load changes, the main rotor speed is stable and has excellent fixed speed;

Equipped with the time selection function for stall landing, it can be manually adjustable within the time set to avoid a crash due to handling errors;

The ESC is equipped with LED indicators to represent the statuses and fault warnings; t Equipped with an output interface to showcase the motor speed output in real time; 

The ESC has a separate parameter setting interface which allows it to be connected to the LCD parameter set-up box or OTA module for parameter setting. Connecting it to the standard power supply of the thermal fan is possible as well;

The flight data recording function is able to record the minimum voltage, maximum temperature, maximum current, calibration speed (requires OTA module and mobile phone app);

OTA Bluetooth module supported. Changes to the parameter settings, software upgrading, data recording and other operations can be completed via the mobile phone (Apple and Android) APP;

Built-in with multiple protections which effectively extends the life of the ESC.

-start-up protection

-temperature protection

-capacitive temperature protection

-overload protection -

throttle signal loss protection

-input voltage abnormal protection

Firmware upgrade and programming via OTA Programmer or LCD program box  (purchase separately)

Download:  Users_manual_Platinum 150A-V5.pdf

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